Thursday, February 19, 2009


well, 4 months left until the graduation and 2 1/2 months left until the final exam. wew, time flies so fast haha. to be or not to be, is the question now.
it means:
1. no more wake up late at saturday, because every saturday morning, from 9-11 i have chemistry extra lesson at school
2. no more PULANG CEPET, since every tuesday i have chem extra lesson from 3-4, thursday i have bio extra lesson from 3-4.30, and every friday i have soccer practices with pak totok

gaaahh, school makes me crazy! but, again, time flies so fast, so i'm sure that all of these burdens will be ended soon :)

p.s: i've got conditional offer from MONASH UNIVERSITY! yaaay! yaay! super yaaay! ahahahah thanks god ;)


bie-kun said...

MONASH University itu dimana? Indo?

icha said...

Monash university itu uni yang ada di melbourne, australia. cuma dia punya beberapa campuses gitu di beberapa negara.dan emang di indonesia ada juga.

oh iyaa, thanks for visiting my blog anyway :)

benedikta atika said...

icha dapet apa di monash? hehe selamat2.

icha said...

dapet double degree atika, buat psychology sama social welfare hehe.cuma masih conditional offer belum full offer.tapii, alhamdulillah banget yaaa hahahadserenade