Thursday, February 25, 2010

when icha met "bule"

helooo peopleeeeee!
finally my brain is tuned back in into "study" mode on. stucked in the middle of english-speaking people, trapped in the middle of thousand clouds in the land that i've never known before. struggle to be the best among the best, and i enjoyed it.
welcome to my next phase of life peopleeee!

Monday, February 8, 2010


meeeehh,today was very hot here, with 34 degree celcius and with no clouds at all up there, made the sun seems really close to us,and i told you peopleeee you will be very dehydrated in this kind of weather so, my #2 tips when you are in Melbourne is don't forget to carry some water bottles when you are going outside!well okaayy,enough with the condemniation about the weather hahahah yesterday me, stephanie (my aptmate), serena and our moms went to Victoria Zoo. It was very exiciting yet exhausting hahaha, walking 2 hours under the 32 degree celcius were really my first experience in here. but overall, everything was very very great! i met mr pengu the penguin, mr gerry the girrafe,mrs elly the elephant, mr platty the platypus, mrs selly the sealed, mrs kelly the sleepy koala and mr kanggoo the kangaroo ahahahah i made up all the names.
then,today i went to Indonesia Embassy to finish all the important stuffs about the immigration thingy. again, me, my mom and stephanie's mom were walking under 34 degree celcius to south bank and back to swanston street, meeennn everything was just unbelievably harder when the temperature is that high. Glad,i'm fine now :D thanks to nutrilite hahahaha fortunately after we went to Indonesia Embassy, we had lunch in IKEA and on the way home in tram station i met a grandma, named Mary-Anne that condemning the same thing like us, which is about the illogical heat and you know what? she doesn't know anything about Indonesia --" meeehhh. So come on Indonesian let's go spread the positive things about Indonesia,peopleee :D

well then, gotta' go! see yaa next timeee peopleeeeee :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

melbourne, i'm coming :D

it's been a month i ran away from cyber world haha since there are a lot of things that must to be done before i left Indonesia.
And, here i am, in melbourne. sitting in front of Gracy (my lenovo ideapad laptop) listening to owl city songs, literary stuck in my small apartment room.

well, i met several Indonesian people so far in Laguna (it's a shop where you can buy all indonesian stuffs, start from promina to kecap ABC and be accompanied with Indonesian songs, start from ST 12 to DEWA 19 haha) and they are really nice and very warm to welcome me in this big bad world haha. everything is expensive here, even supermi costs $9.99 (which around Rp 80.000/box) meeehhhh 0.o i really have to learn how to control my stomach capacity haha

but so far, everything went very great here. and so far this little girl,still can survive with all the conditions here (although i can't stand with its altered weather in a very short time, can you imagine, in here you can have 4 seasons in a day. i'm not trying to hyperbol the weather condition, but it's the fact! so,my suggestion: CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME!)

well then, i have to go now. i'm hungry hahaha see yaaa to the neeeyaaaa people, and forgive me for the late post yaaa :D