Sunday, March 15, 2009

great things

many great things happened this week.
1. my partner in crime, Fatah got accepted in UGM for architecture. and today is his interview day in Jogja. Good luck ya taah :)
2. yesterday was my mom and my brother birthday. therefore, yesterday we went to radja ketjil for celeberated their day.
I created a paint for my mom's birthday present and a greeting card for both of themHAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA and ADIT <3
3. last week was a tiring week for me, and out of nowhere suddenly, i remember some westlife old songs. And i deliberately sang these songs over and over again and it was very bad, since i am a deaf tone person haha. the fun part is my karaoke session was contaminating yuri's, TS's, and monica's brain. thus, during break time, lunch, and even lesson period we were sang these songs together. it was very fun, and help me relieving some IB pain and pressure haha
4. yesterday, i went out with my bestfriend, rani. it was a very great day for me, because it's been a long time since we met each other. we took a photobox session at pim 2 south skywalk, we ate dinner at chopstick, ate ice cream at snowy ice cream, chit chatting at food court, sang a long some westlife songs haha, and ate again at roti bakar eddy. nyawww, i love you ni :)
5. fatah will going home tonight at 8pm by train. yeaaah, i can't wait to meet him next week :)

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Infirani said...

eeeeeeeeeh ada gueeeeeee hehehhe