Tuesday, March 24, 2009


nyeeeh, around one more month i have my IB final exam.
and God, i'm still stuck with my pyjamas in 5:34 pm, i haven't take a shower all day because i'm trying to study biology and still not finished --"
yesterday i was studying chemistry for 3 topics and doing my math homework, well it's allright, i've done a few of them. BUT, i hate the topic of periodicity (if i'm not mistaken), well it's about graph, calculating the gradient of a curve, equation of a tangent, drawing a graph, and i'm very bad on this topic.

1 more month, but in last exam i only got 2/7 for my math. GOD, HELP ME! I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP :'(

oh ya, i've got another conditional offer from RMIT :) yeaaaah

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