Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm baaaaacccckk people!

Yeaaaahh, finally icha is back to the cyberworld!
Akhirnyaaa oh akhirnyaaaa setelah sebulan meeen, gw mendekam di kamar gw makanin kertas kertas ujian, nyoret nyoret tembok dengan rumus rumus math dan diagram diagram biologi. akhirnyaaaaa gw bisa terbebas dari belenggu itu HAAHAHAHAHAHAH

well, how's things going right now?
everything went very fine, i can woke up at 8 in the morning without have to use my brain to think about any of my subjects. I can watch tv all day long, without have to feel guilty to my self because i haven't read any study guide at all. I can went out with my friends and boyfriends without have to think to go home soon to finish all my exam preparation. I can go to sleep earlier without think of anything. Isn't it very relaxing?

Well, today is my graduation day. God, finally today is coming. Although it feels very exciting and i can't wait to get the certificate of my school completion but i'm sure it will be very sad to leave all things that was happened during my 3 years of school. Well, everything. My best friends, soccer, teachers (well not all of them), laughters, tears and everything.

ahhhhhhh, ntar deh gw taro foto foto graduation hari ini.
nyokap udah teriak teriak nyuruh gw mandi soalnya hahahahahahaha
seee yaaa to theee neyaaa peopleeee :)


Michelle said...

enaknya udah graduation. gw msh nunggu sampe June 13th. hahahahah

icha said...

hahaha gak apa apa michelle.
sabar aja, gw juga hasil testnya belom keluar kok. masih tanggal 5 Juli
jadi yang lebih digantungin itu gw kali hahaha