Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulation my friend :)

Heyyy, congratulation for you fatah! USU and Medan are waiting for you, take your time and use it well okayy. I will always pray for you from Jatiwarna, hahaha and i will miss you very very much for the next 4 years :) well, before you leave let's do something fun together, like go to planetarium or dufan maybe hehehe
ATIKAAA, congratulation for the UI and Prasetya Mulya. I hope you decide the right decision and i'm happy for you tik :D
ANNA congratulation for the STEKPI result, ahhh i'm very proud of you sayaaang :) RANI! i'm still waiting for your result, and i'll be the very first person who declare your result to the world. Good luck for your SNMPTN okayyy ;) AYUUU! congrats for your scholarship from UMN!ahhh i'm very very happy for you sayang :)

Ahhh rimaaar, i'm so sorry to took a candid picture of you. well, again i want to congratulate you for the UNIPREP, i hope you enjoy the college world. come on mar, 10 more months and we'll be together in melbourne. good luck for you rimaaar :D

Woww, you all have achieved such a great and excellent achievement for this university entrance thing and it's only my results left. Well, please please pray for my IB results okayy I hope that what I wanted can really be come true :)


benedikta atika said...

terimakasih icha, hehehe. tapi doakan pilihan gw yg terbaik ya :)

icha said...

iyaa atika selalu.gantian doain gue yaa tik.i'm little bit nervous for this result announcement haha

tamhitam said...

hello, i.m tam :P

hihi baru masug kul2an ya hihi ;))yang kreatib n cerdas ya belajarnya hihihi :P kenalan ya :P

btw dikau dtrima dimana?

guling2an di tamhitam-ekspedisihariini yaaaa

icha said...

hahaha thank youu tam :)
gue insya Allah mau ke melbourne taun depan. nanti gue kasih tau dehh jadinya keterima dimana hehe okeee