Monday, June 22, 2009

so long my brother

It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year.

So many high points on this last leg.
I can't wait to recount them
it seems like nothing's happened
until I've shared them with you.
The note that you had called
says youre half a day away
& you are heading home
just in time for me to leave.

(Shirts and Gloves - Dashboard Confessional)

"Lo jangan pernah mikirin apa yang bakal lo tinggalin, tapi pikirin apa yang bakal lo dapatkan nanti"
well, i agree with that. But one thing that is still bugging me is i missed out to use my chance to meet him for the last time, since both of us was very busy for the last 2 weeks. And I hate the fact that, Insya Allah I'll move next year and will be back after 3 years maybe. And him, he'll be back to Jakarta probably for the next 2 years. Damar is my big brother and one of my very best friend since we're in high school. Well, saying good bye is the hardest thing ever, but i believe that we'll meet again soon my brother, see yaaa! i wish you the best and i hope you'll become a very good romo and i know you'll be. Because you have that talent, i'll miss you :)

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