Monday, July 20, 2009

too much love!

ahhhh thank youuu very very very muccccchhhhh peopleeee!
thank youu fatah, anna, au, ayu and rani for the midnight surprise. it was very awesome! i can't believe that you all did such a greatful thing just for me. i really really love you guys, you all are the best things that i had :) :)

thank youuu fataaaah, for the cake, novel, and the video. it was very touching, seriously i really really owe you a bunch of thank yous and love hahahaha (stop sekongkol sama mamaku yaaa hahah nanti lama lama kamu bisa diangkat jadi anak lagi :P). thanks also for your present in my life, seriously you are my turning point tah haha, thanks for your helping for preparing the surprise video for papa. ahhhhh, thank you thank you thank you!

thank youuu mama papa, for the new n73 and for everything that you have gave to me and taught me of. i'll try to be more mature in this 18 years of age, thanks for all the support from when i was inside your womb until now i'm 18. really really owe you everything mom. and pa, HAPPY HAPPY 47 DAY! ahahahha hope you enjoy the video that i made :)

thank youuuuu all of my friends, for the wishes and prays either you were sent it to me by texting or fb wall. i love youuu soooo much guys hahaha :D

ahhh, too much loves on 18 of July!really really love the atmosphere :) :) :)

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