Friday, August 21, 2009


heyyyyyy peopleee! it's almost a week i'm not touching the cyberworld.
well, everything's went so fast. fatah is already settle in medan, according to his stories many great things happened and next monday he will starting his new university and unlike school life hahaha

how about me? well, even though it's still hard to face the fact that fatah is in medan now. well, even a slight changes need a time, right? so do i, i really do need to be settle with this condition hahaha.

still, there are a lot of changes happened around me. 2 days ago, my very best friend, anna soetarso already moved to New York, and 2 weeks ago my best partner in crime Julie had also moved to Virginia, and a week ago Tania Soerianto my other partner in crime had also left Jakarta to move to Wisconsin.See, many people has left Jakarta. This Sunday, my very very very best friend Infirani Sianipar also has to move to Semarang. Then Danya, my ibu tetanga will go in 9 September to move to Epson, UK. Then last Emira my very very very best partner in crime hahaha will go in 22 September. Nyeeehhh, everyone is leaving. Well, it's only me and Stephanie and a few of my friends left hahaha i can't wait to move to melbourne!

finally, Ramadhan has come. Forgive me if sometimes i did and wrote some immoral (hahah ngasal) posts with a lot of unpolite words (hahaha kayak pernah aja gueee, cuma minta maaf yaaa). Semoga amal ibadah yang kita lakuin selama bulan ini bisa diterima sama Allah SWT, dan dosa-dosa kita yang udah gak nyantai menumpuk selama ini bisa diampunin juga yaa (nyeraaahh, gue gak bisa nge translate ke bahasa inggris hahaha). amin amin amin yaaa robbal alamin.


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