Friday, October 16, 2009

19th Anniversary <3 <3

Happy Happy 19th anniversary, mom dad. Thank you for zillion of love(s), affection(s) and attention(s) that you have given to us, your three naughty children. A little surprise that we gave you the other day, was just a tiny thing that we can do to make you happy, which nothing compared with all your sincerely heart to look after us.
thank you, mom and dad :)
love you to infinity and beyond,
icha, adit, aryo :) :) :)

Special thanks to: Muhammad Fatahillah Batubara and Ilham Fikri Habibie for all the supports and hundred of ideas that inspired me. thank youuuu :) :)


Devi Paramitha said...

congratulation yaa icha,tahun depan bikin candle light dinner aja cha di sagara hahahaha :D

perfect-symmetry said...

hahahah mahaaaaaaalllll
dan belum tentu juga taun depan gue disini meeeh :(