Friday, October 30, 2009

pikko + tikko <3 <3

do you remember the puppies that my alumni wants to give me?
well, they are here now :) it was very very fun to have little pikko and tikko stayed here with me since 2 days ago. they were still very tiny and they just still a baby, they loved to act very silly, jumping around until they fell down and crying out loud, they loved to run and chasing out each other, they loved to bark with their tiny voice to get my attention, they loved to wake me up at 5 am in the morning to just accompany them to play outside, they loved to sleep after they have finished their milk and when they got tired, and they loved to approach me and sat on my lap, then fell a sleep. ooohhhh i just love them at the first time when they came in to my house, nyawww love you both tikko, pikko :) :) :)

tikko! :)

pikko! :)

hey hey hey, today is me and fatah 1 year and 2 months anniversary. nyaaahhhh, i am very excited today, can't wait to meet in cyberworld tonight. love you to the maxxxx genduuuuuut :)


Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

Congratsssssss, moga langgeng2 trus yaa :)

icha said...

ahhahaha iyaaaaa makasih michelle :D