Monday, April 26, 2010

Anzac Day!

Woke up at 12 pm, and realize that i was missing the Anzac parade, made me went around the city. Trapped in the tram that suddenly changed their direction to Elizabeth st made me met a Sweden girl named, Elonor. Bought a tall cup of chai tea latte for $4.30, warm enough for me to survive in 11 degree celcius night of Melbourne. Wrong-spelled name of Cynthia, made me wonder how can a local cannot spelled the english-like name right.
...bored and bored, made me, Stephanie and Serena decided to went to federation square to see the ferris wheel. It's cold and i was singing along like crazy among silence, missing someone in 3 hours time difference far sometimes could drive me crazy.
Woke up at 11 am, made me almost late for the appointment at 12 pm in front of State Library. Rushing my self by only grabbing one protein blast (milk) as my breakfast. Arrived on time, wandering around Swanston st-Exhibition st-Dorcas st-Lt Londsdale lane for only having a lunch. Ate at Ramen Ya, spent $10 for a bowl of massive ramen with Clara.
...had another appointment with Athari to accompany her to find a cake in Chapel st. Having a second round lunch, to help her finish up her teppanyaki in Kanpai. Didn't find the cake, so then moved along to Degraves st near Flinders station, went to Little Cupcake, and she's found it finally. Having a thought to go to that shop next week :)

And now is trying to start the Knowing Nature essay for my own sake, but stuck --"


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