Monday, April 19, 2010

i was...

On Friday evening, I went to Brighton Beach in the edge of zone 1. Skipping biology lecture, and decided to doing sunset observation with Boun Bounxana Southidara, Lattana Thommaly and Saovaloth Julie for my mind, brain and behaviour 1 essay

On sunday afternoon, it was my laundry day. Met up a very nice lady from the laundry department staff, who paid up $4 for my dryer, thank you Anti :D

Then, on 4pm i went to collins street, exploring around city. Met Om Alex and Tante Ita in sofitel hotel. Went to Kew, until 9pm then going home. Had such revelation from God to clean up my room, and it is tidy for real :)
On monday, which is today, I woke up at 8.45 am, went to uni, have 3 lectures on a row and 1 tutorial. Surprised by my new biology lecturer, Mr Geoff Shawn, with his short, shirt, long socks and running shoes that didn't match at all. But apart from it, he was making me awake for an hour because it was very fun lecture :D

...and now, 10.24 pm on the same day, sitting in front of gracy, chatting with Muhammad Fatahillah Batubara and trying to finish up my 1000 essay about perception

don't have much more time to procrastinate the assignments.

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