Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's getting colder here. Altough it's just the early autumn but in some way the winter atmosphere feels right in front of your nose. The colder wind, the gloomy and cloudy sky were not a very best friend for me to welcoming the back-to-uni life haha but so far everything's still under control. I already handed in my knowing nature essay, finishing my bio mid test with a 70% result, and I did going to the arts gallery for my psych assignment. But it's life men, some goes out another is lining up for you to be done. Another 3 essays to go, meh. psychology for 1000 words, knowing nature research essay for 1200 words, and developing studies for 1500 words. Life must have to be go on, and i have to get H-1!no matter what.

kind of home sick here, still trying to pull up my self from the melancholy-state, hard but at least im trying :) i love my life and im thankful of it.
well before im forget, if you are about to move to Melbourne, im telling you something people, if you use a tram to go around melbourne, please please read the sign where it will be stopped. It is purely for your sake, or else you'll be ended up like me almost lost again for several times haha

okay theen, have a great great week :)
miss you so muchoo Indonesia!

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