Tuesday, March 23, 2010


helloo peopleee, it's been a while im not updating my blog. Well yeah, im starting my new life, still just a beginning of something great in the future :D i have started my classes, quite a lot in terms of contact hour rather than my other friends. I made new friends, several of them were from other countries around south-east asia. I have learned a few survival tips to survive in this new country, I have learned how to be the tougher icha, I have learned to work my plan rather than just plan my work, I have learned that I have bestfriends that always supporting me in Jakarta, and im glad that i have them as the precious part of my life :D

A lot of things that i have learned from my 2 months in Melbourne, I have learned that is not easy to compete with other brilliant students in this #1 university in melbourne --" I have learned that commitment with our own goal is the most important thing to be prioritized, I have learned that it is not easy to be a sole teenager in the unknown country which far from her hometown, but I have learned to be very thankful for all of the things that i had now :D

Im still the same Icha from 2 months ago, still loving the same man from 1 year and 7 months ago, still trying to be strong in everytime heard his voice in skype, still trying to be stronger for him in doing this Long Distance Relationship, still trying to remember what was the reason she's been doing here, and still being the little icha who wants to be the best among the best.

Yesterday i had a short msn chat with my very best friends, Sahbudin and Rega Heriano, altough the were always asking me when will im going home, but the similar thing that they both told me is that i have to be strong and finishing things that i have started. I promised them that I will ended everything's well.
Fatah only said to me that keep struggling, because in the end what will we get it's worthed.

And yeah here i am, in front of my gracy, listening to bunch of songs doing my 800 words of CACL essay that due on the monday next week. doing nothing in 6 months was inhibiting my writing-essay neurons to be worked in a high speed --"

special thanks to: Muhammad Fatahillah Batubara, Ilham Fikri Habibie, Sahbudin, Rega Heriano, Serena Soraya Wenas, Stephanie Marsheila, Danya Adhalia Sjadzali, Mama, Papa for being my motivation :D


Danya said...

aa namaku ada :) thank you juga kecil

Melinda S said...

haha awww cha, SEMANGATTT!
skrg gantian elo deeeh yg ngerasain LDR beda 4 jam :p good luck :)