Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dear Mama and Adit,

im sorry i cant be there beside you both,
im sorry i cant hug you and tell you that i love you both no matter how far we are now,right in your ears
im sorry i cant make another surprise in your birthday
but thing that never change is
i will love you both and pray for you both in every single second that God has given to me for the best things in your life

thank you for being the best mom for me mom, without you im nothing
thank you for being my inspiration, without you im not who i am now
thank you for your smile and big hugs that always be there when i need it, without you i cant be survived here
and thank you thank you and thank you for being my mom, because without you i will not knowing anything about loving and caring people this much

happy happy 47th birthday mom, just pretend that i am now there with you and hug you and saying how much i love you :) thank you mom

and for my adit,

thank you for always being my little brother that can also be my older brother at the same time
thank you for your laughter every night when im bored
thank you for your patience in every single day when you have to be accompanied me when im driving
thank you for your silly-act that always and always made my day how matter dumb it is
thank you for knocking my door every night before you go to sleep and saying good night with your unique smile
thank you for these 17 years time that we've been spent together, we're not a little adit and little icha anymore,dek
our responsibilty is now getting bigger, not only for your IB and your university but also for mama,papa and aryo
im happy that you are already being a mature adit, more mature than me actually
i believe that you can get your own dream dek,dream large.
hang on to that couple words,dit.
i love you and miss you and aryo so much,cant wait to meet you both in June-July

happy happy 17th birthaday yaaa dit,hope i can hug you now and heard you saying "thanks" with your jaim act haha :D

Melbourne, 13th March 2010
Cynthia Annisa Ayu Hapsari


dog said...

Cheek brings success. ....................................................

Danya said...

nyaa sedih cha bacanya :( aku juga kangen mama papa sama banu huhuuuuuuu. btw, lo pulang juni-juli nih?