Saturday, March 6, 2010

Melbourne Central-Glen Waverly

Today i went to science work,in spotswood with Serena and Stephanie. It was a very challenging trip,since today melbourne was strucked by a heavy shower of ice. So,the wind wasn't friendly enough and it was so cold. At the first time,i thought it'll be just a short rain,since the forecast said it's only a light shower. But the fact is,melbourne is flooding --"
st kilda road is closed,kings way is closed,southern cross station is closed,and traffic jam nearly in every places.
as we arrived in city, i decided to go to glen waverly to meet my uncle there.and yeah,i took another train and guess has been delayed for 15 i was there,stood in the middle of multicultural people.
but yeahh, finally i got in,and still,rain won't stop pouring outside and little foggy has been a very good friend of mine along my journey.

That is why,it made me,kind of melancholly -__-
Causing,a song kept playing in my head along my 30 mins journey. Vanilla Twillight by Owl City. And you know,peoplee...automatically there was a command from my brain asked my hand to took a piece of paper and my eeyore pen from my purse. Then, i sketched. About LDR that i've been doing for these 7 months.

I miss him so much,peopleeee :( meeehhhh~

oh by the way,for all melbournians...OWL CITY WILL BE PERFORMED IN THE HI-FI - in COLLIN STREETS ON 19-20 MARCH 2010!AND IRONICALLY,THE TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT ALREADY --" soo,yeaaaahhhh. youtube is the only way hahaha
thank you fataaah for you precious morning news :)


minomino said...

wowww...i must be homesick,if i were u... :)

icha said...

haha i am,that is why i made that are you?

fatah said...

ah,jangan homesick juga cha,biasa aja ya,

fatah said...

gambarnya bagus cha,lucu..

icha said...

gak kok taaah :D
kan ada kamu nemenin akuuu haha

Danya said...

hahahah reaksi gue pas pertama "icha gambar apaan sih ni?"
trs gue liatin 15 detik baru ngerti haha

icha said...

hahaha,emang khusus buat orang orang berintelektual tinggi seperti gue dan yang bisa mengambil makna gambar gue dalam sekejap mata