Friday, January 2, 2009

The absurdist and abstracist way(s) to start this new year

1. Celeberating the new year with fatah and my whole family : )
2. Ate ketoprak ciragil in the first day of year 2009 as a lunch
3. Knowing that my maid named mbak iyem, who I claimed as my second mother run away from my house last night.
4. Then, Based on si Kun (the tukang) information, she ran away and refused to came home because Mas Keri (her husband, my maid and also my second father) has blamed her that she has an affair with si Kun.
6. Today I ate siomay with my two very best friends, rani and anna at emperan in front of sport center in purigading (which only cost us [in total] Rp 5,200)
7. Attempting to make a poster of a short movie named ADA APA DENGAN JATIWARNA (AADJ) with debra
8. Starting to continue my EE but ironically now i'm stuck with it --"

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