Sunday, November 22, 2009

chapter 1.0 : introspection

this is another chapter of my life, with an underline title, named introspection.
"when light arosed at the early of your beautiful day, it must be dark covered it up in order to ended the day."
we lived in a multicolored world. indeed our life is changing, like a kaleidoscopic color, which can only seen through a kaleidoscope. sometimes it is fading out, becoming pale. Turned the multicolored to the monochrome. if you are the panchromatic person, you can really feel the changes, even a slight variegation.
it is like chromatic color turns to achromatic color.

like us,
indeed turns our life upside down. it is like a two-faced coin, we never know exactly when we'll be plunged into a hole named, mistake. the chromatic color-life that we lived in suddenly rolls down and causing us stuck in achromatic color-life. at that moment, we're covered up in silent. sat quietly, mused. this is the chapter of our life, named introspection.

and yeahhh, i am now currently there. living in this achromatic color, struggling to pull out my self from this hole. still trying to color up my self.

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