Friday, November 13, 2009

voice oh voice

Helloooo people, how are you there?
Here i am reported from Jatiwarna, with the current situation outside is rain poured heavily and lack of sun light shone through the clouds, which made my land already dark in 4:40 pm hehehe

but, despite that fact, everything in my life went barely great. I had a very fun time with my good friend, Ilham Fikri Habibie and Arga Sumantri during this week. It's been a great adventure with Ilham and his vespa, named Paris also his white mio to go around Pamulang-Senayan hahaha.
many great experience of life can i kept safely in my mind, especially when Ilham and I went to Senayan in a heavily rainy day, and when we stopped in front of a lawyer office in a place that i cannot remember the name is, suddenly, out of nowhere he said "cha, i'm afraid that this key will fall down into that drain" (while took a bow to the drain below us)
5 seconds later, PLUNG!
IT WAS FALLING DOWN SLOWLY, PEOPLEEE! and none of words could came up from both of us.
stupid, yeaahhh i know it really well.
so then, spontaneously i asked pak pemulung besides Ilham about his kaitan tool. And when he told me where it is, i ran across the street and took it.
i gave it to Ilham, and for 10 minutes we were like a very idiotic little kid tried to take Ilham's key by using that magical tool. but, nor my hand or his hand were long enough to make it.
so, with the bless of God, pak pemulung was jumped down to the drain, and took Ilham's key and straightly gave it to us.
it was unbelievable 5 minutes moment for me, he was very heroic to help these 2 innocent little kid to continue their journey hehehe
thank youuu very muchhhh pak pemulung :D :D

and how's fatah?
he is doing good there, but currently he became superbly busy to coordinate his faculty fair with his friend. So, no phone call from him from these couple of days haha well, december is few more weeks away, which means no need to be that upset because soon, i'll meet him :) what i need to do now is trying to be more patient and enjoy the rest of this november hahaha ya kan tah? :)

and how's me?
i lost my voice into -1. there's no sound came up from my mouth, my throat ill every time i coughed. meennn, i need my voice back, meehhh --" maybe, God deliberately took out my voice for several days to give me time to introspect my self, and for me to have a little quiet and private time with my self haahaha well, thank you God i really enjoy my silent time very much :) :)

and how's the preparation of melbourne?
Every thing went fine, i've sign a couple of visa forms, and on monday, probably, i am going to do medical check up in order to complete the other visa forms.
Stephanie and I were already booked one apartment with 2 bedrooms in arrow on swantson, 22 minutes walking from my university, yeaaah! i can't wait to move to melbourne, peopleee :D
my mom and i have also booked the airplane tickets for our journey to melbourne, in February 3 2010. soooo, 11 more weeks to go peopleeee! aahhhh~ i can't wait

well, so far those are my updates from Jatiwarna hahah see yaaa to the neeyaaa peopleeee!!

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