Monday, November 9, 2009

fly away!

i wanna fly away,
high...higher...and to be the highest eagle to fly in this rounded-planet, named earth.
i wanna go across the distance,
killing seconds, minutes and hours that i had left at this rounded-ticking thing, named clock.
i wanna run,
fast...faster...and to be the fastest woman alive that could run in this compiling continents and islands, named world.
i wanna be just like a kite without nylon string that flew high at that blue sky above,with the helping of the blowing wind surround it,
yeah, surely, i'll be that eagle-kite...

11 more weeks left before i'm leaving this over populated city, named jakarta.
31 more days left before my deadline of the declaration that i've made, named goal, reaching it ends.

God, please strength me. hold me close. help me ya Allah, pleaseeee....

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