Wednesday, November 18, 2009

great journey, great people!

hello peopleee! greetings from jatiwarna! :D
how are you there? here, i woke up at 6 am and heavy rain welcoming me to the other great day of mine :) :)

and, yesterday was one of the greatest journey of this week so far. although, i didn't go to Pamulang as usual, but oh but in fact i made my own unforgettable day yet super exciting for me :D :D and i've passed it with my little baby Olive.
so, yesterday i have planned to go to Senayan with my neighbor and my alumni also with a few friend of mine. since my avanza ijo had a tiny problem with its hazard light, so he has to go to pak engto's car shed, for his own good. so, that is why, the only car left at home is my little baby Olive and my driver mugi man. therefore, with a reason "there is no choice", i decided to dare my self to drive Olive away to Senayan. AND I MADE IT! YAY!

with, a plenty of ammunition of Owl City songs from Adit's iPod, i was driving Olive behind its kind-of-wide steering wheel, went cross jakarta's famous traffic jam at 5pm with only rely on my instinct and the dim-witted light of Olive's headlight. i was really enjoy my journey, i met my first U-turn in front of Plaza Senayan, i met a few people who took a candid photo of Olive and it was the second time that Olive got shoot by bule :D sooo, if there is any yellow 1303 VW bettle photo in any magazine, yes yes it is my baby olive :) :) hahaha. and for the third time in a row i almost grazed a blue bird taxi hahaha i don't know what is wrong with my eyes nerve with a color of blue, it's just soooo attractive hahaha

ooohhh, everything was just so perfect for me :D my little pikko and tikko are getting bigger each time they woke up at the morning (hahahah gak gak berlebihan), 4 weeks to come for Fatah comes home, 10 more weeks left before i left Jakarta and 2 more days left before i have to hand in my visa application. meeennn, i can't wait to live my beautiful life, thank you ya Allah for the colorful and exciting days that you have given to me every day in my life :D alhamdulillah alhamdulillah

OHYA! special thanks for Muhammad Fatahillah Batubara for all the grumpy and cranky texts that you have sent to me, i know you are really worried of me, tah. thank youu gendut :) :) then, for Ilham Fikri Habibie for all the hyperactive evening that we've had hahahaha no one can understood the world that we live on, meeen! hahaha and last for Mugi MAN! i owe you a million of thank you(s) for your sincere heart to be a real good and patient passenger every time i hijacked the car hahahaha thank youuuu peopleee, i love you all to the maxxx!

well okay then peopleeee, see yaaa to the neeyaa on the other great journey of mine, peopleee :D thank youuuuuu!

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