Thursday, October 9, 2008


well, okay.
hmm, 4 more days holiday is over, which means I have to go back to my stressful world
hmm, I've got haircut yesterday. Not bad, but now I'm look like a fat chinesse girl (does'nt mean I'm racist, but it's true)
hmm, My math portfolio is almost done last night but sialanly my calculator was broken. And it's very annoyed me so much because I have to make at least 7 more graph to finish it.
hmm, I lost my EE notebook and now I can't find it anywhere. Ironically, I do really need it so much, because I have to continue write down the last 2000 words to finish it.
hmm, Tomorrow I have a plan to play tennis with my boyfriend in Kemang at 4. Hopefully, I can meet him, because I do really miss him now.
hmm, I'm having a serious trouble with my mobil-ijo, and my internet provider. Yesterday, I was late to school for group 4 project meeting with my group because suddenly, the kopling and gigi wouldn't work. Thus, later, my mobil-ijo have to go to bengkel and me,my parent dropped me at school 30 minutes late.
while my internet is now very lelet and suka error error gak jelas, therefore I have to repair it like million times --"

God, what happens to my world?

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