Friday, October 3, 2008

THE SIMS 3 is coming!

2009 will be the toughest yet fascinating year for me.
Besides a bunch of IB burden that I have to do, I've heard from Audi, a friend of mine, EA games have a plan to launch the newest THE SIMS,which is THE SIMS 3.
He gives me a link about the debut trailer about this upcoming game(click here)And I promise you, the sims 3 will become a fenomenal game in 2009. Not only it is different from the previous THE SIMS 2, THE SIMS 3 will be provide more fun in a great detail, such as creating the character's personality (in more real), aspiration, physical apperance, outfits and neighbourhood. We, as a player, will be able to do more activities for instance, walking around the neighbourhood, and interact with other characters in an excitement atmoshpere.
More stuff, and tools will be added thus provide us more facilities to create better, more creative and unique house for our sims to live.If you want to find out more about the sims 3, you may click here or click here
to access more information about this new game.

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