Monday, September 22, 2008


It is like a very beautiful gift that you have given in this Ramadhan.
Well, I admit that i'm very happy for this break. although, there is still a bunch of works to do during this holiday, but at least I can wake up late for this 3 holly weeks. haha

anyway, I had a problem with my computer. I didn't knew what's wrong with him, I assume some viruses had infected his system. So, for every 10 minutes, there is a warning, like a pop-up message which ask me to scan my computer immediately. and when I clicked "yes" to scan it, suddenly the screen balcken and the computer itself freezed.nyaah~ it was so annoyed me.
and suddenly, 5 seconds ago my msn signed out by itself without asked me any permission. huh, cursed you viruses!

ohwell, there is a good news for all sekolah global jaya's students. Our beloved ex-principal and now excul coordinator has resigned. She moved to Sampoerna Foundation for her better future. I wish a very good luck for her, although me and priska had called her as an enemy for the rest of year 11, but deep down inside we love you bu (not sure). HAHA SEE YOU BU LINA : )

then, ah yaa, me and yuri were very productive for the rest of a half hour for our chemistry lesson. again, after our masterpiece, transgender had published, we thought that we were a very artistic artist (ngasal gw haha) and so we decided to drew a sketch. randomly, we drew that sketch in a half, half yuri and half me. yuri had drew an angel pefectly, while me, i had drew a devil imperfectly.
we've decided to named it as "don't judge a book by its cover" haha, well it's simply because, we believed that in every human's heart there is an evil part that sometimes conquer our heart and lead us to do a bad thing.

(nyaah~ due to some errorness (i made that word by myself) on uploading this picture, i promise to post it soon okay)

hey, my mom bought me a pack of ice cream and some kastangels, and some otak-otak for today's buka puasa menu.i better hurry or i won't get any of them at all. haha

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